Botulinum toxin for treatment of masseter muscle

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What is masseter botulinum toxin used for ?

〇managing teeth grinding(bruxism)
〇reducing clenching (facial pain and TMJ pain)
〇non surgical lower face contouring

We use Botulinum Toxin Type A Nabota for treating the masseter and chin.
It is made in Korea, approved by FDA. It contains onabotulinumtoxin A just like the famous American product Botox.

The treatment uses botulinum toxin to temporarily block nerve signals in the masseter.
The masseter will relax and eventually reduce severe bruxism(teeth grinding)
causing jaw disorders, headaches, damaged teeth and other problems.

The average fee for masseter injection is 22000yen to 55000yen depending on the thickness
of your masseter and the severity of your symptoms.
It is advised to start with a smaller dose and add if needed.
Assessment is neccesary prior to injection.

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